15 Step Process For Custom Upholstery Cleaning

  1. Do a complete inspection of all upholstered furniture to be cleaned and give a firm price for all work to be performed.
  2. Move and set up work site for furniture to be cleaned.
  3. Place furniture slides underneath all furniture to be cleaned.
  4. Carry in sections of steam and vacuum hoses and upholstery cleaning tools from truck into home.
  5. Use special vacuum tool connected to mobile cleaning system to remove fine dust and debris from furniture.
  6. Place a protective mat on floor in front of furniture.
  7. Test fabric for color bleeding and apply color set to fabric
    if needed.
  8. Pretreat fabrics with compatible prespray.
  9. Use low moisture hand tool connected to mobile cleaning system to deep clean furniture.
  10. Apply fabric protector to all fabric areas of upholstery .
  11. Set up and run drying fans to aide in drying.
  12. Have customer to inspect and approve all upholstery cleaning.
  13. Roll up steam and vacuum hoses and carry hoses and cleaning upholstery tools back to truck.
  14. Remove commercial drying fans and carry back to truck.
  15. Collect from customer and write a written receipt.

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