Do you need your Oriental rugs cleaned?

oriental rug cleaning in Greenville SC

To properly clean an Oriental Rug, your Greenville SC carpet Cleaner must first decide which Dye blend is used in each individual carpet. Suitable Oriental Rug Cleaning today MUST consider the reality that there are rugs that use a Mixture of 2 or more dye blends in their construction in addition to 5 principal Dye blends.

Oriental rug cleaning in Greenville SC is significantly different in many cases than cleaning wall to wall residential carpet. You should hire a company that can actually clean your oriental rugs safely and effectively.

These types of carpets are quite pricey and delicate. Making a blunder by using the wrong type of cleaning solution may be a expensive and heart breaking blunder. If you’re able to be extra attentive, you can clean your oriental carpet yourself.

Asian rug cleaning is usually known to contain all types of high end, hand-woven or hand-knotted rugs to be cleaned. These carpets may in fact be from or Persian, Asian, Indian Eastern sources or other Middle Eastern. Comprehending how they have been constructed, the kinds of dyes, the quality of wool or the existence of silk is very critical to the cleaning and sometimes restoration of the rugs.

You should make sure by checking what the producer of your Oriental rug advocates, although cleaning your Asian carpets could be fine.

Whether you have an Oriental rug that is true Or a machine made copy, you want to be sure it stays clean and fresh.

Mike Bryan Custom Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners have been in business for over thirty five years, offering Oriental Rug Cleaning In Greenville SC and a wide variety of services to meet our customers’ needs. I custom design carpet cleaning procedures for each job and personally am on every job that we perform.

Serving: Greenville SC | Greer SC | Simpsonville SC | Mauldin SC | Easley SC | Pickens SC | Duncan SC | Lyman SC | Wellford SC | and all surrounding areas.

I offer the Following Services:
* Custom Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
* Carpet Re-Stretch and Repair
* Custom Oriental Rug Cleaning (Specializing in onsite Cleaning )
* Pet Stain Removal
* Power Vacuuming
* Mattress cleaning
I also Offer Additional Services in the following:
* Water Damage Restoration
* Odor Control/Deodorization
* Emergency Water Extraction
* Structural Drying
* Ozone machine for the removal of smoke odor in room areas & air duct systems.

We use the latest drying equipment the industry has to offer, giving you the best results possible.