Emergency Water Extraction In Greenville SC

Emergency water extraction is generally demanded following a significant plumbing-related issue which you did not anticipate, or from a natural disaster like a hurricane. Companies that receive unexpected floods often require emergency water extraction to limit damage to goods and products and to get production back up and running. One serious flood can destroy product lines or whole shipments if it happens at the wrong time. An instant reply is needed, when this happens, also it falls to emergency water removal specialists to restrict the damage.

Emergency water extraction is a complex assignment that requires the abilities of an experienced and certified tech. Just vacuuming the water away isn’t good enough. Water extraction demands detailed plans comprehensive reviews, and professional grade equipment.

Emergency water extraction is available for almost any residence and our professionals offer water extraction for both carpet and tile flooring. Our water extraction specialists will eliminate the surplus water quickly preventing the greater problem, mildew. We’ll use our procedures to restrict the scope of the exposure and eliminate the existing mildew should you happen to possess mildew. In a nutshell, we can help solve excess water problems or your flooding no matter what it could be. In addition to removing the extra water, we also place commercial-grade fans to help your carpet dry faster so you get your situation back to normal.

Emergency Water Extraction In Greenville SC

Mike Bryan Custom Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners has been in business for over thirty five years, offering a wide variety of services to meet our customers’ needs. I custom design carpet cleaning procedures for each job and personally am on every job that we perform.

I offer the Following Services:

* Custom Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
* Carpet Re-Stretch and Repair
* Custom Oriental Rug Cleaning (Specializing in onsite Cleaning )
* Pet Stain Removal
* Power Vacuuming
* Mattress cleaning

I also Offer Additional Services in the following:

* Water Damage Restoration
* Odor Control/Deodorization
* Emergency Water Extraction
* Structural Drying
* Ozone machine for the removal of smoke odor in room areas & air duct systems.

We use the latest drying equipment the industry has to offer, giving you the best results possible.

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