Have you had your mattress cleaned lately?


Mattress cleaning is one subject most folks would not think about. Regrettably, a dirty mattress might be a magnet to get a number of bacteria, germs, mold and allergens.

Mattress cleaning is a crucial element of maintenance applications in retirement homes, houses, hotels and hospitals. Mattresses can easily gather debris, stains, as well as other deposits, owing to its exceptionally absorbent nature. Vacuuming will not help remove bed bugs and tough stains from bedclothes and mattresses. For this reason, cleaning specialists advocate for keeping mattresses using vapor steamers.

Mattress Cleaning is something most people take for granted. Your bedroom as well as your bed is where you spend a terrific deal of time in your home. Mike Bryan Carpet Cleaning indicates a weekly routine of cleaning the mattress. If one of your children spilled their drink, or the pet made an accident, there isn’t any substitute for professional cleanup service.

Here are the facts about mattress cleaning:

  • Mattress cleaning is not new, it has simply become a “forgotten” task.
  • Mattress cleaning is  one topic most people would rather not think about.
  • Mattress cleaning is particularly important if you or a family member has problems with asthma or allergies to keep dust and dirt to a minimum.
  • Mattress cleaning is not a easy job to carry out yourself.
  • Mattress cleaning is one of the best known solutions to kill any bacteria that live in your mattress and eliminate dust mites.

About dust mites:

  • Dust mites live primarily in mattresses, but they are invisible to the human eye.
  • Dust mites, although too small to see with the naked eye, colonize mattresses in the thousands, eating the skin flakes that drop off your body.
  • Dust mites are microscopic, eight-legged arachnids (in the spider family).
  • Dust mites are known for causing allergies in millions of Americans and have been labeled the “#1 transmitter of human disease” by the New American Encyclopedia.

Mike Bryan Custom Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners have been in business for over thirty five years, offering Mattress Cleaning In Greenville SC and a wide variety of services to meet our customers’ needs. I custom design carpet cleaning procedures for each job and personally am on every job that we perform.

Serving: Greenville SC | Greer SC | Simpsonville SC | Mauldin SC | Easley SC | Pickens SC | Duncan SC | Lyman SC | Wellford SC | and all surrounding areas.

I offer the Following Services:
* Custom Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
* Carpet Re-Stretch and Repair
* Custom Oriental Rug Cleaning (Specializing in onsite Cleaning )
* Pet Stain Removal
* Power Vacuuming
* Mattress cleaning
I also Offer Additional Services in the following:
* Water Damage Restoration
* Odor Control/Deodorization
* Emergency Water Extraction
* Structural Drying
* Ozone machine for the removal of smoke odor in room areas & air duct systems.

We use the latest drying equipment the industry has to offer, giving you the best results possible.